As the drive towards Low Carbon Living accelerates, Intelligent Design for Sustainable Homes advises its clients on the latest regulations, technologies, sustainable architecture and renewable energy technologies most suited to their requirements.

In many cases both, aspiring home builders and the planning authorities, can be overwhelmed by the speed of change in regulations. This includes the registering of low and zero carbon homes.

With the regulation can come attractive homeowner advantages – with increased comfort levels, better air quality, improved access and not least reduced energy costs.  However, the desire to embrace this approach needs to be well-considered in terms of design, investment, construction and ultimately living in a new environment; it is only when these issues are considered together and in equal measure can a truly responsive design solution be produced.

We have had success in the design and delivery of environmentally sustainable homes and, as a result, are able to offer a project specific, balanced, well considered and professional design service to our clients.