The Intelligent Design Centre has developed a national recognition for its expertise in the field of design, design management and environmental sustainability, in both the private and public sectors. Our approach, based on 15 years of strategic client engagement and process management on over £130 million of complex project delivery, has resulted in a robust client-focused and portfolio specific Brief Development Process, aimed at reducing financial risk and improving the speed and quality of project outcomes/ deliverables.

Core Activities: Master-Planning, Design Advisors, Business development, Sustainable developments and energy andforming strategic links between the client and delivery team.

Through engagement with a number of organisationsThe Intelligent Design Centrehave developed a comprehensive strategy for aligning construction with longer term development potential. By assessing the impact of the building in the context of people and place the development risk is greatly reduced and the outcomes substantially improved.

The principle underpinning this approach is to align the design within a thorough understanding of the clients wider business objectives.