Health Care

We have been heavily involved in the care sector for many years and have established The Intelligent Design Centre to provide more focused and measured value to our care sector clients.  We absolutely believe that efficient design is far more than knowledge of the latest space-standards.  It should respond sensibly and in equal measure to the ‘business of giving – and the receiving of care’.

The need for quality care has never been so acute. There is greater demand in terms of an ageing population as well as a growing expectation that the quality of available accommodation and associated services is improved.

It is obvious to us that this imbalance will affect the demand for services.  We support the belief that there are more suitable models of care, and that these models of care should provide responsive and intelligent environments. These are to assist in the continuing development and care provision of people in later life years as well as those whose health is adversely affected at a younger age. A new reasoned and supportive point of balance needs to be established, and we believe responsive and holistic design can provide a positive contribution.